SinC UK Loft Reverse PHRF Racing Every dog has its day, and pursuit racing is an excellent way to make all competitors feel like they have skin in the game. Pursuit racing, commonly called reverse handicap racing, is a variant of PHRF racing where boats start in reverse order, with their start times pre-determined by their ratings and the course length.

SinC Royal Van May One Design Series The May One Design Series Regatta was held at Royal Vancouver Yacht Club on the May 6/7 weekend. Fleets included a mixed collection, old and new: Dragon, Elliott 6 SuperSport, 6mR, Star, Martin242 and VX-1.

SinC Opti African Championships 2023 The 2023 Optimist African Championship featuring 89 young sailors from 18 countries representing six continents. Six Canadians took part in the 2023 Optimist African Championships which ended Monday, May 8, in M'DIQ in Morocco.

I have been really fortunate to be able to sail on and with some great sailing teams. Actually just got back from the Viper 640 worlds with another Canadian team of friends.

SinC Shark World Championships August With just under 4 months until the Worlds come home to Niagara, the organizing committee is working hard to make this a memorable event on and off the water.

SinC Lake Erie 2023 Mills Trophy Race Originally started in 1907 as a test of sailing and navigational skills, the Mills Cup Race has evolved into a premier sailing race event on Lake Erie. This annual race in the west-end of Lake Erie, is unique in that the race is held at night.

SinC Racing Rules Not all items that an owner/Person-in-Charge (PiC) needs to adhere to are in the rules. The Racing Rules of Sailing defines a rule to include the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, or other documents governing the event that have been made to rank as rules.

SinC Southern Straits 2023 This year WVYC put the ‘Southern’ back in Straits, with courses taking all boats eventually to the ODAS marker south of Point Grey. Other than the big boats, most Straits skippers will not have been this far down the map since before 2010.

SinC UK Sailmakers How to win the pin Many times in your racing career, you will find that the race committee has favored the port end of the line. The more the line is skewed, the more of a lead the boat at the pin will have once the starting gun goes off.

SinC Alex Fox UK Sailmakers Canada One of the major challenges of any upwind leg, is seeing the big picture and regardless of where you are in the fleet and making the right choices. At any given moment there’s a decision to make...are we doing the right thing...what are the options?