July 13, 2022

SinC Allan Clark 400In June, BC sailor and coach, Allan Clark, won a gold medal at the 2022 ILCA 6 Grand Masters World Championship in Mexico and finished 6th at the ILCA 7 event.

Congratulations on your gold medal in ILCA 6! How does it feel?
I was satisfied to win the ILCA 6 Masters World Championship. It was a goal and I was relieved to reach that goal.

You also took the 6th spot in the ILCA 7 event. Were you pleased with that result?
I had a chance to get on the podium in the ILCA 7 event, but I sailed a poor fourth day and then only had a chance for the top 5. I ended up finishing sixth. I enjoyed the event, but the goal was to be in the top 3.

With those back-to-back competitions coming in a span of close to three weeks, how much time did you spend in Mexico?
I was in Mexico for a month and I also trained there over the month of February.

How were you able to stay in Mexico for that long?
I took vacation time from my work.

How many hours a week do you train?
I trained a lot this year in preparation for these Worlds, 60 days, but most years I do a minimal amount.

SinC Allan Clark ILCA 400SinC Allan Clark 3 400

Which class do you prefer: ILCA 6 or 7?
I like both classes, they have enough differences to make it interesting.

You are also an instructor. For how long have you been coaching now?
I have been coaching teenagers my whole adult life (40 years), including 20 years at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

When and how did you start sailing?
I started sailing at Britannia Yacht Club when I was 10.

What do you like about sailing?
Sailboat racing is interesting because of its complete complexity, physically and mentally.


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