February 1, 2023

SinC Paralympics 2028 400Bruce Millar after win in Victoria

Many Canadians are active in Paralympic sailing including National Sailing Team member, Paralympian Bruce Millar who finished 10th in the 2.4m class at the Rio 2016 Games and first at the 2021 Canadian 2.4mR Championships in Victoria.

The effort to re-establish Sailing as a Paralympic Sport was not successful as the International Paralympic Committee revealed the 22 sports to be featured in the sport program for Los Angeles 2028.

Sailing was introduced at the Paralympic Games as a demonstration sport in 1996, and as an official sport for five editions from 2000 to 2016 but dropped from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. 

Below is the open letter from American sailor Paul Cayard who notes:

  • Following the launch of the #BackTheBid campaign in summer of 2021, there are now 41 nations on five continents active in Para sailing, and over 630 active Para Sailors registered with World Sailing. 
  • Five World Championships took place in 2022, and Para Sailing will make its debut at the Allianz Sailing World Championships in 2023 alongside their Olympic counterparts. 

"US Sailing is deeply disappointed to learn, today, that the International Paralympic Committee has voted not to reinstate Sailing in the 2028 Paralympic Games in Los Angeles.  

US Sailing was a strong supporter of "Back the Bid," the Worldwide movement to reinstate Sailing in the Paralympics in Los Angeles, 2028, and would like to express our deep appreciation to the athletes, volunteers, and supporters who put their heart and soul into this initiative. 

While the USA Paralympic Teams have had great success over the years, their inclusion in the Paralympics, most importantly, has served as inspiration and motivation for so many in our disabled sailing community. 

Worldwide efforts to support Para Sailing are not subsiding or weakening, and US Sailing looks forward to welcoming Para Sailors to the Allianz Sailing World Championships for the first time ever this year. 

US Sailing will continue to advocate for and support disabled sailors through many different agendas, including inclusion in the Paralympics for 2032 in Brisbane."



The European portion of SailGP Season 4 got underway this weekend in Saint-Tropez, France. Having hit record breaking speeds last year on the Côte d’Azur, Phil Robertson and the Canadians were looking forward to this weekend of racing, but things did not turn out as hoped. A penalty in the pre-start of race one was a precursor of what was to come, and it proved difficult for the team to recover.

A collision with Spain early on in race one set the team back and translated into eight penalty points for the event and an additional four penalty points for the season.