March 15, 2023

SinC Wind Indicator 400Dinghy and catamaran sailors are used to the occasional capsize—sometimes in spectacular fashion. Hitting the water at speed can cause run-of-the-mill wind indicators to bend, break or snap off. But not the Windex 6 Dinghy from Windex Development AB, the originator of the modern wind indicator. Engineered and built in Sweden to take on heavy seas, the Windex 6 Dinghy is so ruggedly built it's often seen on the bowsprits of larger boats.

The flexible bracket of the Windex 6 Dinghy fits any mast or sprit 1.7" to 2.75" in dia. and secures using an elasticized cord with locking tab. The 12" vane support rod can be installed horizontally just below the tack, such as on a Laser, or vertically on top of the mast, as an Opti sailor might. Because it mounts and removes so easily, it's ideal for racers using sailing club boats.

The reason Windex Development indicators are often imitated but never duplicated is how the lightweight 6" vane of the Windex 6 Dinghy is balanced. Sitting on top of a sapphire jewel suspension bearing, the large fin/low inertia vane reacts instantly to the slightest wind shifts and recovers quickly after sailing through chop.

Assembling the Windex 6 Dinghy is simple and toolless. Take a look at a video on how to configure it for different applications: