Jun 1, 2022

SinC Emergency Boarding Ladder 400Imagine. Boat at anchor, coffee in your hand, the wind is blowing. Suddenly, this tranquil moment is interrupted by the sound of rushing water, and an ice cold feeling across your entire body. You've tripped and fallen overboard! Yikes - “How do I get back onto the boat?"

Boarding ladders are one of the most important pieces of hardware on a boat. Having easy access to return to your vessel can be critical in an emergency like the one described above, especially for solo sailors. You need something that is fast to deploy, always available and allows you to easily reboard your vessel.

Outils Océan's of France has developed the Magic Reboard ladder, an easy to install, compact, lightweight emergency ladder that is designed for fast action. The steps of the Ladder are reinforced, wide and designed to sink 1.2m (3.9 feet) bellow the water level; meaning ease of access for your legs to stand on and arms to grab hold of it.

Many vessels have a short ladder that drops only 1 or 1-½ feet below the water forcing you to pull yourself up by your arms to get on the first rung of the ladder. Most people can’t do that easily in the cold water wearing heavy gear, so you need ladder something over a meter below the surface.

The Magic Reboard Emergency Ladder above is now finally available in Canada along with other fine quality items from Outils Océan's of France! Visit the Canadian distributor, Indie Marine’s website to find a chandlery near you that sells this innovative and important product.

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