Jun 1, 2022

SinC Laser 28 Fleet 400News via John Mills

The story is that a few years ago a friend I crewed with bought a Laser 28 and I liked it so much I had to buy one. Then another friend the same, and another. Soon we had five locally and we decided to all get together in the winter around March. From that, we all decided to show up at a few regattas and race level to pretty much class rules and then award ourselves a cup.

There are now seven boats, one in Royal Hamilton, One in Fifty Point, one in Port Dalhousie, and four in Niagara-on-the-Lake, one of those at Smugglers.

We all know and help each other and crew on each other’s boats. When I say help each, we loan trailers, tow a buddy’s boat back from Montreal or show up to help with a mast. We try to choose regattas at local clubs so less traveling.

There was already one boat in NOTL for years and one in Toronto to get us started but the one in Toronto moved to Sarnia.

SinC Laser 28 Fleet 3 400SinC Laser 28 Fleet 4 400

The plan this year: Laser 28s are doing the RHYC (Hamilton) open July 1 and the DYC (Port Dalhousie) Regatta Cornucopia Sept 3rd. The Cup will be awarded based on combined score as usual. Other boats welcome of course! DYC has a crane to center pick any travel boats.

After the RHYC open some will do just for fun Fiasco as it is the next day and starts just off Hamilton Harbour, but it will not count to the score.

SinC Laser 28 Fleet 2 400