Mar 2, 2022








Hi John,

Love the new issue of Canadian Yachting’s Sailing in Canada! Big fan of the stuff you guys put out. I was very appreciative of the mention in one of the articles regarding the US Open Miami. 

I have a small request going forward. I couldn’t help but notice that the 49er and FX class get less publicity than the laser class (we often get put behind the laser class in the articles). It is often also the case that the reports are inaccurate (although I can’t blame the editorial team for that since the information often gets to them incorrect in the first place). I also noticed the lasers are getting a lot of publicity for the same result as the same regatta compared to the skiffs.

Going forward, how could the skiff class get the information to you in a more timely and accurate fashion? Also, would you like some quotes from our training and regatta finishes going forward? Who could we contact to get that content out?

We have a real opportunity to promote the skiff classes considering the Worlds will be in our backyard this year. 


Samuel Bonin 

Team Canada Development Athlete

Thanks for the note Sam. Everyone please note - we need your input to remain on top of the sport. Please send class and club news, results, opinions and anything we should know about to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.